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Fashion, hair and client satisfaction are at the heart of our focus.

At the FOR ALL salon, we can help you complete your personal style. Taking into account your wishes, we will advise you on the most suitable care, cut and style for your hair.


The HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS method is intended for all types of hair. You can apply it to pregnant women, people with diabetes, and people with hormonal imbalances. It is suitable for blonde, dyed and damaged hair.

HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS is a special treatment based on the composition of molecules that penetrate deep into the cortex in order to restore and repair the structure of the hair fiber. Gives hair elasticity and vitality, provides hydration and high shine. It can also stop hair loss and helps its renewal and growth.

HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS does not have the primary effect of straightening the hair, but of nourishing it, healing it and adding volume. Duration after the first application is approx. 2-4 months, then the interval is extended to approx. 6 months+.

In our salon, we only work with a quality product that achieves the effect immediately and straightens every hair.

The price of the service depends on the material consumption and the complexity of the service. The price is without cut and hairblow.
Short hair (120 min / from 1.800 CZK)
Long hair (120 min / from 2.800 CZK) 


We want you to feel comfortable at our salon, and we want you to enjoy the services of our experienced and award-winning hairdressers. Our goal is for your personality to shine through when you leave the salon.

Remember, your style is a reflection of your soul. We can offer you more than just an idea.

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Did you know, you can take you dog with you to the salon?

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