Children's haircuts

Even kids want to look great, and we can make sure they do!

Children's haircuts are quite specific. It makes a difference whether you need to cut a toddler's hair, a preschooler's hair or a schoolgirl's hair. This also determines the cutting time and our haircuts.

For the little ones, we can do a cut in under 30 minutes. We know this is new for many of them, and children are not always patient and willing to sit still in the hairdresser's chair. The clippers and scissors can be intimidating. That's why we approach children individually, with patience and a smile on our lips, so that they are not afraid and look forward to coming to our salon next time.

Thanks to our experienced hairdressers and stylists, they will leave feeling important and beautiful - like little rising stars. They'll understand that going to the hairdresser is not a chore, but fun, and they'll like themselves so much more afterwards.

Give them this experience.

For older children, we already do a full hair treatment - washing, cutting and finishing. We will take care of the perfect hairstyle for your little girl and boy. They will leave us with their dream hairstyle and style, and their hair will stay healthy and grow well.

The complete treatment of children's hair lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and the price depends on their density, length and styling - from 300 CZK.

KID'S HAIRCUT (kids up to 3 years)

Cut only

390 CZK / 30 minutes

KID'S HAIRCUT (3 to 7 years)

Hair wash, cut, final adjustments

420 CZK / 45 minutes


Hair wash, cut, final adjustments

450 CZK / 45 minutes


Hair wash, cut, final adjustments. The price can vary according to material consumption, density and length of hair

From 550 CZK / 30 minutes

Blow dry

Hair is the crown of your beauty. That's what our great-grandmothers used to say. And believe me, they also had blow-dryers and did their own blow-drying. For a long time, it was said that blow dryers and hot air were bad for your hair. So how is it possible that you leave the salon with a gorgeous hairstyle and hair that is smooth, shiny, and visibly healthy?

It's because a properly executed blow dry benefits your hair and scalp. If the skin is damp, it can lead to skin imbalances that give rise to skin problems, dandruff, etc. So, if we blow dry our hair in the right way, we can even benefit it. We will also advise you on how to take proper care of your hair at home. Your home blow dry may not be the same as ours, but your hair will stay healthy.

A blow dry takes around 30 minutes, and the price depends on the thickness and length of your hair - from 650 to 800 CZK.

Demipermanent colour

If you don't want to dye your hair, but would still like to revive your natural hair colour or change it up a bit, you can opt for a demipermanent colour.

A demipermanent colour is temporary and doesn't last as long as a permanent colour, but it will still help to revive your hairstyle. Demipermanent´s  colour pigments do not penetrate as deeply into the hair fibre. They only stick to its surface and gradually wash out.

It has a medium coverage (the colour and its intensity fade over time as you wash your hair) and a medium longevity.

Demipermanent colours are still a very popular option, and clients in our salon have come to love them for the quality of the colors we use (Redken and Londa sulfate-free colors).

Please set aside a minimum of 60 minutes of your time for a demipermanent colour treatment. Also count on cutting, washing and finishing your hair. The price of the dressing is from 530 CZK, depending on the material used and the complexity of the service - length and density of hair, etc.

Let's go for it!