Hair colouring

Your hair colour can lose its shine and healthy tone over time. With our professional care, we can help. Changing your hair color or reviving your own is a breeze for us. Our hairdressers regularly attend training courses and are perfectly aware of the latest news and trends in hair colouring. The options to make your hair beautiful, shiny and glowing healthy again are many.

Come to us for advice or make an appointment straight away and be more beautiful than ever.

We use Redken and Londa colours for colouring. It is also possible to use the so-called ten-minute color. There are a variety of techniques for colouring your hair and we will be happy to advise you on which is best suited to your hair and your wishes. Colour is most commonly used to change your natural hair colour or applied to cover grey hairs.

Our colours are made up of a developer and a colouring cream. You can choose a washable color that will gradually wash out, or a permanent color - permanent. In addition to classic hair colours with ammonia, we also use hair colours that do not contain ammonia. We use quality hair cosmetics that are gentle on your hair. Redken also has ammonia-free colours and is suitable for sensitive scalps. Redken is suitable for everyone.

Popular colouring techniques we can offer include Balayage, Ombré, Sombré, Baby light and many more. You can read details of these colouring methods on our website below.

If you come to us to change your hair colour, or to revive your original colour, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes time - no cutting or touch-ups.

Prices for dressing and colouring are always based on the complexity and the amount of material used, in other words the length and density of your hair. For a dressing and colouring you will pay from 1.000 CZK

Do you want to revive your crown of beauty or do you want to completely change the colour and style? With us, it's easy. Come to us for advice and enjoy our care.

Colouring is always based on the complexity and the amount of material used, in other words the length and density of your hair. Colouring starts at 1.000 CZK.

Dressing is always based on the complexity and the amount of material used, in other words the length and density of your hair. For a dressing you will pay from 1.000 CZK.

Techniques for lightening and colouring hair

There are many techniques for colouring and lightening hair. We can provide you with the following:



In recent years, most women are returning from bold colours and highlights to going natural. They want to dye their hair to look as much like their own colour as possible, but still have style, flair and look healthy. It's no wonder that Balayage has become perhaps the most popular hair colouring technique thanks to this trend. It comes from the French word "balayer", which means to sweep. While with regular highlights, individual strands are carefully separated, coloured and wrapped separately in foil, balayage works a little differently. The parts of hair are held only in the hand and the colour is applied with a brush, as if you were sweeping. The colour transitions are therefore not sharp and look much more natural than with a classic highlights.

The price for balayage ranges from 2.000 CZK upwards.


Airtouch technology

Airtouch is the most advanced technique in hair colouring. It gives you a natural look and can add volume with a 3D effect. This technique is perfectly gentle on your hair. With the help of this technique, we will achieve a soft highlights effect on your hair combined with a natural look.


Ombré (you may also come across the name dip dye) is a hair lightening technique designed primarily for brunettes. This method lightens the lower part of the hair, while the upper part remains dark. With the ombré technique, the color transition will be more vibrant than the fresh and natural one with balayage.. The colour is not applied along the entire length of the hair, but only from the ears downwards. This creates an interesting lightening effect at the bottom and gives the hairstyle a fresh touch.

Depending on the complexity of the dyeing, you will pay from 2.000 CZK for ombré.


While ombré creates a distinctive colour transition - from the roots to the ends of the hair, it can be up to six shades, sombré is its softer variant and is also suitable for blondes. The colour transition here is only three shades. The name of the technique is based on the English "soft" ombré, which translates as a subtle ombré - a lighter lightening of the hair.

The price of sombré is from 2.000 CZK.



Highlights is a hair colouring technique in which the colour is applied to individual strands of hair that are separated and wrapped in foil. The resulting transitions between the dyed strand and the rest of the hair can be bold or subtle. You can opt for highlights in natural tones or more bold colours that can be applied all over the head or only in certain areas. Highlights are a popular way to accentuate the naturalness of the hair or change it completely.

The price of highlights depends on the complexity, density and colours chosen. It starts at CZK 2,000.


While classic highlights work with wider, coloured strands, micro highlights create only thin strands that are more closely applied and give the impression of natural hair colour. It is used when you don't want a solid colour, but you also want to give your hair a colour boost.


Brunette or blonde? Are you not sure about which hair colour to choose? Try bronde. It's the current hit in hair colouring, combining brown and light tones so the result looks like the sun has played with your hair. This effect is suitable for women who want to have a modern hairstyle while keeping the look of natural hair.

The price for the bronde technique depends on the material used, the work and the length of the hair. It ranges from 2.000 CZK.

Baby Lights

Baby Lights is a modern hair highlighting technique where you achieve an interesting effect by lightening the hair especially around the face. The overall effect is reminiscent of soft, light baby hair, hence the all-encompassing name.

The price of the baby lights technique also varies according to the amount of work and materials, starting from 2.000 CZK.


Only pink it can be... You must have noticed that the trend of pink hair has spread among celebrities. This is the rosegold technique. This technique creates pink-golden tones on the hair and brightens up a hairstyle that would otherwise be dull and boring. The pink colour is best caught on blonde hair, but that doesn't mean brunettes can't achieve this effect too. If this is the effect, you're into, just consult us.

Do you want to have a beautiful glowing pink mane like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora or Sophia Turner? Make an appointment at our hair salon.

Prices for the rosegold technique start from 2.000 CZK.


The sunkissed hair colouring technique also works with blonde and darker tones, which are usually in the same proportion. This creates the effect of natural hair that has been lighten from the sun. Our hairdressers work with very fine strands of hair that make it a tone lighter than your natural hair color. This will give the impression that you have just returned from a holiday by the sea. The name sunkissed suggests it.

For sunkissed you will pay from 2.000 CZK.



Can't decide? Leave it to us, we'll take care of it!