Cosmetics Adéla

Taking care of your skin should be the foundation of self-care for both women and men. Even if you cleanse your skin regularly at home, it may not be enough. Nothing beats deep care. When you add to that the peace and quiet you'll enjoy with us, and the divine experience of being touched by experienced estheticians and quality cosmetics, you'll understand that it's really hard to resist.

A skin diagnosis and a range of professional level treatments and facials await you in our salon. You will enjoy massage, skin cleansing, help with acne, removal of unwanted hair, etc.

We use high quality Derma Stella cosmetics in our beauty treatments. Our goal is to provide the perfect skin treatment for our clients (and clients) and most importantly their satisfaction. Because a satisfied customer is always happy to come back and entrust herself to our care again.

In addition to cosmetic treatment, we also provide hair removal, using Italwax cosmetics. You can also use in our salon lamination with lash lifting with InLei and Bronsun.

Let yourself be pampered by professionals and cosmetics of the highest quality.

It is possible to purchase directly at the salon cosmetic products of the brand ALCINA for home care.

Make-up removal, peeling, ultrasonic spatula, skin cleansing, cosmetic massage, gel/cream mask, final care

1.250 CZK / 80 minutes

Mature skin
Make-up removal, eyebrow shaping and colouring, ultrasonic spatula, cosmetic massage, beauty/gel mask, alginate mask, final care

1.520 CZK / 90 minutes

Anti acne
Exfoliation, peeling, ultrasonic spatula, spritzer, deep cleansing, mask, final care

1.120 CZ / 60 minutes

Quick Relax
Make-up removal, cosmetic massage, cream/gel mask, alginate mask, final care

830 CZK / 55 minutes

Lash lift + eyelash colouring
Make-up removal, eyelash curling, eyelash colouring, lash botox

840 CZK / 70 minutes

Eyebrow Lamination
Make-up removal, eyebrow combing, eyebrow shaping, (colouring)

740 CZK / 45-60 minutes

Eyebrow lamination, eyebrow colouring + lash lift, eyelash colouring
Lash lifting and eyebrow lamination at the same time

1.370 CZK

Something extra

Eyebrow grooming
Eyebrow shaping and adjustment, eyebrow colouring

460 CZK / 45-55 minutes

Eyelash colouring
Upper and lower eyelash colouring

240 CZK / 30 minutes

Light make-up after cosmetic treatment
Skin unification, blush, bronzer, soft eyeshadow, light fixation

580 CZK / 30 minutes

Upper lip - 150 CZK / 15 minutes
Calves/thighs - 400 CZK / 30 minutes
Full legs - 700 CZK / 60 minutes
Hands - 350 CZK / 40 minutes

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