Caring deep treatments

Every hair occasionally needs a nourishing treatment to give it the nutrients it needs, repair its texture and repair damaged hair. Our hair salon offers several types of hair treatments, from deep conditioning treatments that literally heal the hair and restore its healthy appearance, to nourishing treatments that make hair beautiful, shiny and visibly healthy immediately after application.


Extreme cat is a protein deep treatment that helps damaged or coloured hair repair, revitalize and deliver the nutrients it needs. This treatment helps nourish hair from root to ends, strengthening damaged hair and leaving hair healthy and shiny overall. It is a patented technology of taurine and cationic proteins that coat the hair and fill the bonds within. It's literally a nourishment bomb that also adds volume to the hair.

3D Repair Complex helps your damaged hair repair. Taurine boosts hair growth, as well as arginine, which is an essential fatty acid that will also help your hair to strengthen and grow. Cationic proteins then regenerate your hair and give it protection. Your hair will be beautifully healthy and hydrated. It is better to repeat the treatment regularly as it will wash out of your hair after some time. With regular application, your hair will be regenerated for a long time.

The Extreme cat application takes about 15 minutes and costs from 360 CZK.


Acidic Bonding is also a deep conditioning treatment that is suitable for extremely damaged hair. It is recommended after hair colouring or after a highlights procedure, which can hit the hair hard and take a toll on its health.

It is an intensive restorative treatment for damaged hair with patented Acidic Bonding technology. It helps hair regenerate and strengthen hair bonds, making them strong. It maintains the natural Ph that locks the cuticle and protects the hair fiber from damage.

Also, the application of Acidic Bonding takes around 15 minutes and its cost depends on the material consumed. It starts at 430 CZK.


For those of you struggling with hair loss and thinning hair, we have Redken's cerafill ampoules. It's an intensive hair treatment suitable for washing your hair, containing Aminexil. It helps to reduce hair loss and can preserve hair structure. It will strengthen your hair from root to tip, making it thicker, healthier, fuller and stronger at a glance. This cure will prolong your hair's life, prevent breakage and boost the number of hairs in the growth phase.

Cerafill ampoules are ideal for preventing hair loss and combating baldness that can occur as a result.


  • The HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS method is intended for all types of hair. You can apply it to pregnant women, people with diabetes, and people with hormonal imbalances. It is suitable for blonde, dyed and damaged hair.
  • HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS is a special treatment based on the composition of molecules that penetrate deep into the cortex in order to restore and repair the structure of the hair fiber. Gives hair elasticity and vitality, provides hydration and high shine. It can also stop hair loss and helps its renewal and growth.
  • HAIRBOTOX WITH NANOPLASTICS does not have the primary effect of straightening the hair, but of nourishing it, healing it and adding volume. Duration after the first application is approx. 2-4 months, then the interval is extended to approx. 6 months+.

In our salon, we only work with a quality product that achieves the effect immediately and straightens every hair.

The price of the service depends on the material consumption and the complexity of the service. The price is without cut and blowdry.
Short hair (120 min / od 1.900 CZK)
Long hair (120 min / od 2.900 CZK)


A unique nourishing and moisturising vegan treatment that will truly relax you. Enjoy the ultimate hair wellness with this caring vegan cosmetic. We gradually apply a shampoo, a hair regenerating mud, during which you will also enjoy a relaxing head massage, a mask with essence, with which the mask is even more intense, and a conditioner. Finally, we finish your hairstyle with a blow dry and a final vegan styling.

Treat your hair to wellness and relax while our hairdressers take care of you. For hair treatment you will pay 1 250 CZK.

Malibu C Cleansing

Malibu C Cleansing is a special treatment that helps remove mineral and chlorine build-up in the hair fiber. These impurities commonly enter the hair and scalp from the chlorinated and chemically treated water we wash our hair with. By cleansing with a special Malibu C treatment, even the most damaged hair can be repaired, regaining its beauty and most importantly, its health. Hair treatment with Malibu C will instantly heal the hair, improve its quality, restore its hydration and natural shine.

For Malibu C Cleansing you will pay from 950 CZK.

Malibu C CPR

Malibu C CPR is another special treatment that helps very gently lighten your hair. We use CPR Wellness to do this, which is a patented treatment that uses a concentrated powder to remove up to two tones of oxidative color without removing your natural colour. It's a complex of antioxidant vitamins that lighten the hair but don't damage it. On the contrary, they help to maintain good quality and healthy hair. You will not find any lightening agents, parabens, formaldehyde, gluten or perfumes in Malibu C CPR. This treatment is as gentle as possible to your hair.

You will pay for a Malibu C CPR hair lightening treatment from 1 200 CZK.

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