Facial cosmetic treatment

We work with high-quality professional therapeutic cosmeceutics iS CLINICAL®. We pride ourselves on healthy skin and client satisfaction.


Effectively regenerates and rejuvenates your skin. 
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Facial cosmetic treatment

Classic facial cosmetic treatment

Make-up removal, peeling, eyebrow shaping and colouring, skin cleansing, cosmetic massage, mask according to skin type, serum, final cream.

1.700 CZK / 60 minutes

Ultrasonic skin cleansing

Make-up removal, peeling, softening gel, ultrasonic cleansing, mask according to skin type, serum, final cream.

1.200 CZK / 45 minutes

Lifting and buccal massage

Manual-buccal facial massage by a respected Israeli doctor. The massage is performed by a specially trained aesthetician. The result is visible after the first visit. It is recommended to complete a session of 7 to 12 massages. If you purchase the whole session we give you a 15% discount.

It can be an alternative to botox and plastic surgery, it strengthens facial muscles, increases skin elasticity, modulates the face. The treatment includes make-up removal, massage using massage oil, gentle enzyme peeling, final care.

1.700 CZK / 60 minutes

Fire and ice treatment from iS CLINICAL

A famous treatment also called the Red Carpet treatment from the Californian brand iS CLINICAL®. An intensive treatment to quickly and safely restore healthy looking skin. Ensures immediate results:

  • lifting
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • balancing of skin tone
  • renewal of the skin at the cellular level
  • acne treatment
  • lightening of pigment spots

1.200 CZK / 45 minutes

Clear skin from iS CLINICAL

Enhanced care for gentle exfoliation with a soothing and healing effect from iS CLINICAL®. The treatment is particularly suitable for oily and problematic skin prone to acne. Ensures the result:

  • · lifting
  • · reduction of wrinkles
  • · evens out the tone
  • · acne treatment

1.200 CZK / 45 minutes

Deep skin cleaning treatment

Complex skin cleansing: make-up removal, peeling, softening gel, ultrasonic and mechanical cleansing, alginate mask, serum, final cream.

1.400 CZK / 60 minutes

Chemical peeling BIOREPEEL3

Rejuvenation without injections, hydration, exfoliation, treatment of acne and pigment spots. The treatment is applied in 4-8 sessions. We give you 10% discount when you buy a package.

1.000 CZK / 30 minutes


Aquapeeling consists of a gentle skin treatment using a unique device that removes oil, acne and residues of old skin. At the same time, it gives the skin the necessary dose of hydration.

1.200 CZK / 45 minutes



It effectively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin, gradually boosts collagen and elastin production, smoothes fine lines, improves skin quality, accelerates wound healing and delays the signs of aging. Helps heal acne, heals acne scars. Helps moisturize dry patches on the skin.


Plasmatherapy is suitable for the face, neck and décolleté. It is also used to revitalize hair roots. There is no risk of adverse reactions with plasma therapy. It is a natural substance in our body (centrifuged blood).

4.000 CZK / whole face
5.000 CZK / neck and décolleté
2.500 CZK / hair area (promotes hair growth)