Hair extensions

Do you long for long hair that dazzles at first sight, but no matter what you do, it just won't grow longer? Fortunately, there are several methods of hair extensions available today. These methods are gentle on your own hair, and they don't require complicated care.

We use hair extensions with hair bands and the Keratin method. Before each extension, we sit down with the client and thoroughly discuss ideas and desires. This way we find out what method will be suitable for her, how long she wants her hair to be and arrange a date and time for the extension. We treat each woman individually and ensure mutual understanding.

The initial consultation for hair extensions takes approximately 30 minutes and you will pay 500 CZK.

Hair tape method

The method of hair extensions using hair bands is currently the most popular and increasingly in demand. No wonder. The application is quick and the hair is not burdened by high temperatures. The extensions are applied by applying double-sided adhesive strips, which make the joints perfectly flat and not visible even when combing the hair into high buns and hairstyles.

We use hair bands made from real human hair and take care of the best quality. As a result, we enjoy our work and our clients enjoy great results.

Hair extensions using hair bands take from 60 minutes upwards and cost from 4000 CZK. It always depends on the desired length and density of the hair and the overall difficulty of the application.

Keratin method

The second method we will offer you is keratin hair extensions. The technique is simple. Using special pliers, a grain of keratin is dissolved, after which the hair extension is attached to the client's hair. The hair is subjected to high heat during this method, but the bonds are only one centimeter in size and are very durable and comfortable for the client.

Keratin extensions take at least 60 minutes and the price starts at CZK 5,000. The total price and application time depends on the length and density of the hair as well as the shade and quality of the client's hair.

Shifts of hair extensions

For these services, we require a deposit of CZK 1,500 in advance, which will be deducted from the service. If you do not show up for the service, the amount will be forfeited.

Hair extensions need to be treated regularly and the joints need to be moved. The price and length again depends on the method chosen, the shade and length of the hair.

You are only a short consultation away from your dream haircut.