Hair extensions

We are the only one salon in Prague that provides this technology!!!

Combline is a unique system of techniques and extremely gentle binder that allows us to make joints in HAIR TO HAIR style. Thanks to the joints we create with this method we are able to lengthen and thicken any part of your hair.

We can therefore help men, people with alopecia and those who have lost hair density due to hormonal imbalance. It is also suitable for women who simply want luxurious extensions with joints that are comfortable and invisible.

Consultation on the right choice of hair, length, hair thickening. We have a new technology (hair to hair) where we can thicken really thin hair after alopecia, during hormonal changes when hair starts to fall out more....

This technology can even help MEN who have thinning hair to baldness!!!

(In case of women, this method is also combined with MIKROKERATIN).

PRICE FROM 60 minutes / from 3.000,-
The price is strongly dependent on the real hair density and hair length.

For this service, we require a deposit of 1,500 CZK in advance, which will be credited to you during the service. In case you do not show up for the service, the amount is forfeited.