Kanekalon Braids

Kanekalon braids

Colorful rasta-braids, thick and extra long hair complemented with kanekalon, extravagant hairstyles, comfortable hairstyles and braids with kanekalon with minimal styling work? Our hairdressers will be happy to create all this for you.

Kanekalon is an synthetic fibre that comes in a variety of colours, lengths and textures. It is used to thicken and lengthen hair to create rasta-buns, as well as to do all of the above-mentioned hairstyles. The hit of the last few months are the strong coloured braids in bright colours that will make your hairstyle sparkle, brighten and definitely make you unnoticeable.

It's always best to book a consultation before creating canekalon braids. We will find out what your idea is and whether it suits your face and hair type. You will also choose a colour, which we then order and arrange a time for your appointment.

If you prefer classic braids or hairstyles without the canekalon, you just need to make an appointment with our hairdressers as well. They are knowledgeable and proficient in the latest hairdressing trends, but they are also happy to create a "classic" look for you.

You will pay from 999 CZK for canecalon braids. Make sure you set aside enough time for our work. Price and time depend on the complexity of the hairstyle and the amount of material we use.

Are you interested? Just make an appointment for a consultation.