Ladie's cuts

We pride ourselves on an individual approach with each client. That's why we'll give you a cut to suit you, but also advise you on what cut or colour suits your face, how to revitalise your hair and how to keep it healthy.

We have experienced and highly regarded hairdressers in our team who will advise you exactly what makes you look your best.

Almost anyone can colour their hair, but figuring out which cut suits your face shape, dress style, etc. is truly an art. You can make sure that we choose a cut that you will be most satisfied with.

Make an appointment with us today and experience your beauty, and if you're still unsure about your change, feel free to come in for a free consultation.

The price for a women's haircut ranges from 950 – 1 150 CZK.

Ladie's cut

Short, long or mikado...

No matter how long your hair is. Every cut and length should accentuate your femininity, personality and beauty. We can help you find the style and cut that suits you the best. We can revitalize your hair with a new cut and give it a new style that makes you feel great.

If you have an idea of a hair cut, we'd be happy to take it on. However, we can advise you whether the cut you choose suits you. Not everything suits everyone. And just because your favourite TV star has the same haircut doesn't mean it will suit you.

We focus not only on the quality of the haircut, but also on the colour of your hair. We use a variety of methods to revive your natural colour or change it completely.

A quality and properly executed cut will help your hair recover. It will grow faster and be stronger and healthier.

In order to keep your salon-like hairstyle and also maintain your hair healthy, we will advise you how to treat your hair at home.

Ladie's cut - short hair
Including blow-dry and final touch-up 

950 CZK

60 minutes

Ladie's cut - long hair
Including blow-dry and final touch-up 

1.150 CZK

60 minutes

Get your perfect cut with our professional services