How the method works on acne and scars

How lasocare 645 nm gel works against acne:

Numerous cosmetology clinics now use the biologically much more natural lasocare procedure.

A lactoferrin-based gel and a laser with a precise wavelength of 645 nm.

How does it affect the skin?

The non-invasive, low-power, red 645 nm laser activates the lasocare 645 nm photosensitive gel.

The low-power laser light increases the orderliness of our cells.

It strengthens their defence against bacteria, viruses and parasites. It significantly increases the body's immunity.

Contrary to popular belief, the laser does not kill acne-causing bacteria, but the skin begins to defend itself better and more naturally with the help of laser light. The lasocare 645 nm gel multiplies this effect.

It contains a set of rare lactic enzymes that remove iron residues during laser activation of the skin. These have reached the skin surface through metabolism together with a mixture of fats and waxes on which the bacteria feed.

However, without iron, they are unable to utilise this food and slowly die out...

This is intelligent biology, without any damage to the skin.
Nature is slow but reliable.

The lasocare method is for those who care about healthy skin. For natural care without side effects.

Until now, products with salicylates, dibenzoyl peroxide, retinol or other exfoliants have often been used to treat acne.

They have a common principle: peeling off the top layer of the skin. The skin looks cleaner at first glance, but it is a very invasive procedure. The skin is only partially and temporarily free of acnetic bacteria. More serious, however, is the disruption of the skin's protective barrier. This makes the skin more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, and more prone to drying out and loss of elasticity.

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