How does lasocare anti-wrinkle gel work?

Our skin owes its firmness and youthful elasticity to a perfect network of collagen fibre chains.

However, over time, these lose their individual weak links and tear. The elasticity of this once very tough and resilient support network decreases. Distinct wrinkles begin to form on the surface of the skin.

Heat is often recommended as a first aid measure - the more the better!

This is the principle behind ipl (intense pulsed light), radiofrequency or surgical laser resurfacing.

They achieve clear results almost immediately. The skin is smooth and wrinkle-free at first glance. Advertisements say that heat damage provokes the skin to rebuild a new network of collagen fibre chains.

Has regeneration actually occurred? No. The explanation is much simpler.

Heating with a power laser, intense pulsed ipl light, or radiofrequency heating induces partial coagulation in the individual skin layers. This is the precipitation of protein chains. You know it from the kitchen. The same process a steak goes through when we pan-seal its pores and harden its texture. The firming is quick, reliable and obvious. That's the trend today. Such a process is popularly referred to as 'rejuvenation', even though it is controlled degradation, the opposite of regeneration.

The demand for a rapid and noticeable change in the appearance of the skin leads to procedures that mechanically or chemically remove the older protective top layer of skin, because the exposed deeper layers are younger and better looking.

It's just a shame that inexpertly performed dermabrasion and radical peels disrupt the skin's protective barrier and make it more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and much more prone to aging.

Meanwhile, what has happened to our "collagen fibre chains"?

Their condition has not improved; they are stiffer, but also shorter and less elastic. But reconnecting damaged collagen fibres is nowadays quite possible. Such methods are very effective, but they are not quick. The tricks do not apply to nature.

In fact, the natural collagenbiological process consists of promoting slow cell regeneration by using the most orderly light source known in nature. This is the cold light of a low-power coherent laser (biostimulation laser, therapeutic laser).

How does such a LASOCARE laser work on aging skin?

Low-power laser light increases the orderliness of our cells. In very simple terms, it encourages them to start working like they're young. It affects all cells, the tired ones and the ones that have not been cared for with enough care and love. The same goes for the collagen fibre chains: they slowly and gradually recover the function they had when they were young. They regenerate. Thus, wrinkles are reduced and softened.

The effect of the laser light can be synergistically multiplied by the light-sensitive lasocare 645 nm gel: it contains a set of rare lactic enzymes that supply the skin with the necessary oxygen and water that also cleanse it without risk of mechanical damage. This method is proven by twenty years of research, practical tests and observations. It is referred to as the lasocare method.

Lasocare method = lasocare 645 nm gel + lasocare 645 nm laser

No etching, grinding or burning of the skin, no subcutaneous fillers, just intelligent biology.

Nature works slowly, reliably and without side effects.

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