Lasocare Laser

What is the LASOCARE® method and how does it benefit you?

Lasocare® is a method of perfect skin care based on a remarkably effective combination of light-sensitive gel and a specially developed cold laser.

Unlike other cosmetic methods, it regenerates aging and damaged cells WITHOUT expending any amount of thermal, electrical, or mechanical energy. It uses only our body's natural slow biological processes.

Therefore, it works safely, very thoroughly and rejuvenates completely WITHOUT HARMFUL EFFECTS AND EASILY ABSORBES COSMETIC PRODUCTS.

How the lasocare laser system works, what it is for and for whom:

The Lasocare® 645 photogel and the beneficial laser light of the Lasocare® Panorama Fortissimo laser work together to rejuvenate your skin while blocking the food chain of acne-causing bacteria.

A very valuable feature of Lasocare® 645 gel is its ability to improve the penetration of subsequently applied products deep into your skin. This greatly improves the effectiveness of your favourite cosmetics.

Cold lasers, i.e. low power lasers, have been used for years to heal acne, regenerate wrinkles, scars, burns, or treat cold sores. But mostly without preparing the skin surface and without the necessary preparations.

The Lasocare® method, on the other hand, provides much more intensive skin care, but WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS:
Illuminating the skin with cold laser light leads to a penetrating improvement in energy and regulatory cellular functions. However, this increased metabolism leads to temporary deficiencies in their supply. Particularly noticeable is the increased oxygen consumption, the deficiency of which slows down the rejuvenating effect of the laser.
In contrast to the traditional use of lasers to simply promote a regenerative and stimulating effect, the LASOCARE® method uses the laser's effect on the photosensitive enzyme complex to transport oxygen atoms and nutrients to a safe depth in the skin structures.

Why laser gel?

Lasocare® 645 nm gel contains lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase lactic enzymes.

Lactoferrin is an optically active substance. Its effect is activated by 645 nm laser light. It keeps the beneficial laser reaction going even 24 hours after the activation treatment in your beauty salon. Therefore, it is necessary to massage several new drops of LASOCARE® into the skin during the next day. Apply the gel briefly as part of your daily home care routine to improve the effectiveness of your favourite beauty products (e.g. nourishing night cream, etc.).

What makes lactoferrin special in acne care?
Lactoferrin locks the iron ions contained in the residual sebaceous gland products into a so-called chelate bond, thus blocking the iron ions. This gradually starves the acne bacteria propionibacterium acnees. This takes place WITHOUT ANY IMPACT ON YOUR SKIN, unlike
as opposed to all the previously common procedures of skin resurfacing with salicylates or dibenzoyl peroxide.

Such a procedure is quite unique because the bacteria will die out on their own, without the use of harmful chemicals.

What does lactoperoxidase give to the skin?
With the help of laser energy, it splits into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen:

H2O (significantly hydrates)
O2 (oxygenates and balances the so-called oxygen debt of the skin)
CO2 (deep cleanses without risk of mechanical damage to the skin)

The price of a comprehensive monthly laser treatment is 649,- CZK

If the skin condition requires additional and intensifying laser sessions 2 to 3 times a week.

(the price is uniform and not divided into parts of the treated area, we can treat, limbs, buttocks, abdomen, back, shoulders, neck, décolleté, face, scalp....)

Description of procedure:

1. gentle make-up removal, skin cleansing,
2. application of Lasocare® 645 Rejuvenating Gel
3. Lasocare® Panorama Fortissimo laser treatment
4. instruction on how to apply the gel regularly at home during the evening treatment

The total treatment takes 15 - 30 minutes.

How often to attend?

The procedure does not strain or burden your skin, so it is applied regularly once a month without interruption. For severe cases, it is possible to have it 2 - 3 times a week.

Lasocare® 645 gel for regular application at home is included with the treatment and will be given to you during your first treatment briefing.

At your free consultation, you will learn everything you will need and even how often to attend this treatment.


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