Manicure and pedicure

Beautiful nails are a calling card!

Our priority is your beautiful and healthy hair and perfect skin glowing with health. But we shouldn't forget your nails either. According to statistics, the first thing people look at are the hands. They are the calling card of every woman (and man). Unkempt nails don't look good on anyone. It doesn't matter if you're a mom on maternity leave, work in an office or are in constant contact with customers as a salesperson, masseuse, banker, etc. In short, perfectly manicured hands and nails are your calling card and inspire confidence.

To achieve beautiful and well-groomed nails, it is not enough to trim and file them at home or paint them with your favourite colour. If you want your hands to look elegant, entrust them to the care of professionals. A professional manicure will give your hands a touch of perfection, but it will also help your nails grow healthily.

We shouldn't forget about pedicures either. Even if - with the exception of the summer months - we don't show our feet much, having well-groomed feet, with smooth heels and beautiful nails, is definitely a big plus. It doesn't matter whether you are a woman or a man. A regular pedicure will make your feet feel much better. It will help with blood circulation, removing dead tissue and leaving your feet healthy, smooth and free of painful cracks. They will be pleasant to look at and to touch. And if you have your nails professionally manicured, you'll feel even better.

Manicures and pedicures at the hands of professionals should become our routine, just like a regular massage or a visit to the hairdresser. It will help keep our hands and feet beautiful and healthy, and most importantly, we'll feel great every day.

Classic manicure  
Women's / Men's            

400 CZK 

30 minutes - 60 minutes

Gel polish - coating of natural nails



700 CZK 

700 CZK 

60 minutes - 90 minutes

60 minutes - 90 minutes

Nail modelling - Short
(Free edge shorter than the nail bed)



1000 CZK

800 CZK

120 minutes - 180 minutes 

90 minutes - 120 minutes

Nail modelling - Long
(Free edge longer than the nail bed)


1200 CZK

from 2 hours 


1000 CZK

from 2 hours 

Refilling a nail outside the appointment

50 CZK

Refilling the nail during modelling
( from 2 or more )

25 CZK

Nail lengthening at the gellac 

50 CZK

Swarovski stones - by size 

from 3 CZK / piece

Babyboomer, france 

100 CZK

Removal of nail modelling including nail treatment and manicure 

300 CZK

Nail remodelling from another salon

+ 100 Kč

Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance

100 CZK

The prices include a deep manicure.