Men's haircuts

Do you think a men's haircut is a piece of cake? We'll prove you wrong. If you want to feel good, look great and also spend as little time as possible in the bathroom with fixing your hairstyle, you need a haircut designed just for you. It is important to have your haircut well-made and well-groomed, so you don´t need to spend a lot of time with styling in the morning. We'll be glad to advise you on what cut is suitable for you and make it according to your request.

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Men's cuts

Men's haircuts are not just "short hair"

Men want to look great too. It doesn't matter if their hair is short, long or ear-length. Every man’s haircut is different and requires different care. Men want to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. This requires a professional who can give you good advice on what haircut suits you the best, execute it to perfection and give you tips on how to do a quick and practical styling at home. 

Short haircut

Short hair can take longer to care for and style, but you may also just need to run your hands through it in the morning. It depends on which cut suits you and which you choose. We'll advise and cut your hair so that you spend as little time as possible styling it at home.

The most popular men's haircuts for short hair include the buzz cut, crew cut, undercut, fade cut, fade (low, mid, or high) and ivy league haircut.

Semi-long hair - with bangs or without?

With semi-long hair, there's already a bit more work involved.  But again, it depends on what cut you choose or what suits your face type. French crop and pompadour are currently in fashion. It sounds a bit strange; you might even find it quite "girly", but it is one of the most stylish haircuts for men. The top of the head and sides are cut short, but the top of the head is covered with much longer hair. They can be combed in different ways and overall, the styling is quite fun. It's been made famous by David Backham, Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake.

If you prefer a more serious cut for semi-long hair, the fashionable side part cut is also available. It is chosen by men in high, often managerial, positions because it looks great with suits and more formal clothes. The semi-long hair just needs to be parted on two sides so that the parting "line" is visible enough.

We will not only make the cut for you, but also advise you on a quick fix in your bathroom. 

Long hair

Long hair on men is sexy and has been making a big comeback lately. It's more practical to have it pulled back. The regular ponytail is out nowadays. If you want to look stylish, pull your hair down at the top of your head and create a man bun. The other stylish option is the top knot, where the hair is pulled back at the top of the head to form a bun. If you have your hair shaved down on the sides, you'll get all the more style.

Do you want advice on which hairstyle suits you and how to care for your hair? Do you spend long minutes in front of the mirror in the morning and still aren't happy with your hairstyle?

Call us and book a consultation. We will advise you and give you a professional haircut that you won't have to worry about in the morning.

Our salon also offers a special hair loss serum to help prevent baldness.

Men's haircuts from 300 – 700 CZK and even for the most demanding we offer men's haircuts from 1 110 CZK.

Refresh (clean up)

Clean up of neck, sides and beard

300 CZK / 20 minutes

Men's cut BASIC

Hair wash, cut only with shear, final adjustments, styling, grooming of eyebrows and hairs

450 CZK / 30 minutes

Men's cut CLASSIC

Hair wash, cut, final adjustments, styling, grooming of eyebrows and hairs

590 CZK / 30 minutes

Men's cut SPECIAL

Hair wash, massage with CERAFILL treatment (anti-hair loss, regenerates and helps hair growth), cut, final adjustments, styling, grooming of eyebrows and hairs

800 CZK / 45 minutes

Men's cut CAMO

Hair wash, cut, demi-permanent colour for men, final adjustments, styling, grooming of eyebrows and hairs

from 1.210 CZK / 60 minutes (price may increase depending on material consumption)

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