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We are a team that loves our work and pursues our dreams.

Tereza Osladilová - Salon Owner / Cosmetologist

Tereza purchased IPL and radio frequency for our clients. If you want to see Teresa, you can make a reservation directly with her.

Tereza Osladilová

owner / cosmetologist

Tereza took over the salon from the former owner at the beginning of 2022 and is constantly trying to improve and expand the offered services. She is thinking about the offer in a holistic way so that you can get a truly complex hair, skin, nail and body care in one place. Comprehensive relaxation from head to toe, that's what Tereza directs the whole salon towards. 🤍

She graduated from nursing school and worked as a nurse but was dealing with acne-prone skin and decided to educate herself in cosmetics so she could best help herself. She enjoys helping other people who have the same problem. She specializes in problematic skin prone to pigment spots and wrinkles.

Why did Tereza decide to make such a big step and buy a beauty salon?
"I loved my job as a nurse, but I came to the conclusion that I couldn't imagine doing this profession all my life, so I decided to go my own way and start my own business in the beauty and grooming world. I took a big step overall and took a risk (these days), selling my apartment to pursue my dreams." 🤍

What are her favorite techniques to use?
"In the beauty world, definitely plasma therapy and manual cleansing for problematic skin."
We now have IPL AND RADIO FREQUENCY in the Salon and you can order directly from the owner.

In her free time, Tereza does a lot of sports and also travels. You can see in her that she can't go very long without fitness. 🏋️♀️ She is a perfectionist and likes to have her way. 😊.

Ivana Řeháková

salon manager / hairdresser

✔️ 32 years of experience
✔️ She likes to do highlights, cuts, color and perms the most - Did you know that many hairdressers don't know about this technique anymore and don't know how to do it? If you like perms, then don't hesitate to make an appointment with Ivanka. 😉
✔️ What she likes most about her work is creativity, new ideas and communication with people.
✔️ Her favorite technique is balayage.
✔️ She always respects the customer's wishes but is also happy when the customer listens to her advice.

Why does Ivanka think you should visit her at Salon for all? ✨
"I can treat hair that is damaged either chemically or mechanically."

What does Ivanka like to do in her spare time?
She likes to relax with a book 📚 or ride her bike. 🚴♀️

And what doesn't she do without?
Without a good coffee! ☕️

So if you want to make Ivanka happy when you go to her salon, you know how. 😊

Lucie Široká


What she likes most about her job is working with people and the fact that it's not the classic stereotypical job. She enjoys seeing the results, the smiles of satisfied customers and the feedbacks both positive and negative that give you energy and motivation. Her favourite things to do are balayage, highlights and overall colouring, which she can have a blast with. 🤩

Why should you visit Lucy at Salon for all?
Balayage, highlights and hair extensions are the techniques Lucka specializes in the most. She is very helpful, always do her best to make her clients happy and aims for all clients leave with a smile on their lips. 🙂

What does Lucie do in her spare time?
In her spare time she likes to spend time with friends and family. She goes out, to the cinema, does sports. She also likes to spend time with her dog. Morning coffee to start the day is the most important thing for Lucie! And something sweet to eat in the evening... but shhh! 😜

Lucie Široká - Hairdresser


Jana Shlyakhta


✔️She loves cuts, hair highlights, colouring, men's cut, and also balayage as well
✔️Has worked in this area for 4 years
✔️Her most favourite technique is men's cut
✔️What she most likes about her work is working with the customer, and that she can be creative

Why should you visit Jana in Salon for all? She can let you relax in peace.🤍

What does Jana do in her free time?
She likes to cook and bake. 🧁

What did Jana tell us about herself? Every morning she needs to have something sweet. So if you want to make her happy, mainly in morning hours, you know what to do. 🧁 😊

David Pospíšil

Introducing a new team member, David Pospíšil🔥

"I am currently an apprentice at a hairdressing apprenticeship.
I love any kind of haircut, especially crazy cuts like different mullets, shaggy cuts apod💇🏽‍♀
I'm not afraid of different color changes either🌈
I still have a lot to learn but I already know this is what I want to do all my life and I will only get better and zlepšovat💪🏽

And why should you come to me? 
I'm funny and very talkative, we have a great chat while I work, you'll relax and leave with maximum results and satisfaction🥰

In my spare time I play music, write lyrics, play the piano🎹 and make beats🎼
I also like to go out with friends or just walk around Prague"

Anežka Zrůstková - Receptionist

Anežka Zrůstková

Anežka is the one who is always happy to book you for any service at Salon for all with a smile. He will choose the most suitable date for you over the phone, personally welcome you to the salon and offer you some refreshments.

What she likes most about her job is meeting new faces every day and she enjoys watching their transformations, be it hair, skin or nails. 🤍

Anežka enjoys all kinds of TV bizarreness from Wife Swap to Wedding at First Sight, so if you have a similar addiction, you know who to go to in the salon.😉

Anežka likes to spend her free time swimming, dancing, or going to the gym to work out or stretch while doing yoga.

The always smiling Anežka is looking forward to seeing you at Salon for all! 🤍

Veronika Svatošová


Our new member 💪🏻 to the team, welcome Veronika with us🧚🏼‍♀️
At Veronica's, you'll enjoy exclusive cosmetic care, lash lift and eyebrow shaping.

What she loves most about her job is seeing her clients melt into křesle💆🏽♀️ during the massage and of course the irreplaceable satisfied look on her clients face after the treatment🥰.

Veronica loves the process of laminating, whether it be lashes or brows, each is a completely different challenge

What is her goal?
"I would like my clients to keep coming back to me because they will feel like they are in a bubble and every treatment will be a pleasant experience for them čas☺️"

And what did Veronica reveal about herself?
She loves to discover new businesses - especially kavárny☕️

She 🤫loves baby pickles, how many times they become her dinner🤫.

And what dare you snitch on yourself ?

Adéla Muzikantová


My work is a passion and a hobby for me and that's why I give it my best.

What I enjoy about cosmetology is that I can make my clients beautiful and relaxed. The satisfaction of my clients and their happiness with the results is my biggest reward.

I started out doing makeup and hair for photo shoots, weddings, runway shows and various other occasions and then decided to further my education in cosmetology, which I fell in love with. I enjoy classic skincare as well as touch-ups like eyebrow lining and lash lifting.

In my spare time I like to watch soap operas, read, enjoy abstract painting and love going to music festivals and various cultural events with friends. My biggest weakness and heartthrob is Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Japanese.

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