Perm experienced its big boom in the 1980s. Nowadays, not many hairdressers do it anymore, supposedly because nobody wants it. And that's a shame, because a properly done perm won't ruin your hair, it will help you achieve more volume and an interesting effect. Nowadays you don't do perms in the form of lots of little curls anymore. A huge trend is the cut wolf hairstyle, which is cut strands with sloppy waves. The look looks interesting, has style and requires minimal grooming. It's ideal for pre-holiday women who want to look great all the time and don't want to spend more time grooming than necessary.

While a perm is still a big hit to the hair structure, our hairdressers can do it in different intensities and on different hair types so that the style holds well without damaging the hair. Aftercare is also important and we can advise you on this. Perm is ideal for women with hard and unruly hair and also for hair that is limp and lacking volume.

Perms are a big trend these days, even for men who want a maintenance-free hairstyle while still having style.

Young people as young as 13 years old are also going for perms.

Whether you are interested in a perm or would like to be stylish with a cut wolf hairstyle, our hairdressers can handle it. We are currently the only salon in Prague that will do this for you. We take our mission seriously and want our clients to leave 100% satisfied.

The price per perm starts at 1.000 CZK and again depends on the length and type of hair and the difficulty of the hairdressers work.


Permanent? Great choice, now you only need to reservate yourself!