Another special feature of lasocar is the special light-sensitive laser rejuvenating gel 645 nm.

To this preparation the method owes its exceptional effectiveness.
The laser gel differs from other preparations in the content of the rare lactic enzymes lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. These substances provide the skin with everything it needs for long-lasting natural beauty, oxygenating, hydrating and purifying.

Lactoferrin is an optically active substance. Its effect is activated by laser light of 645 nm. It keeps the beneficial laser energy running for the duration of regular gel application as part of home care and improves the penetration of further applied cosmetic products.

What makes lactoferrin so special in acne skin care?
Lactoferrin locks the iron ions contained in the residual sebaceous gland products into what is called a chelate bond (blocking the iron ions). This results in the gradual and permanent disappearance of acnetic bacteria.

Without side effects (unlike all procedures based on exfoliation of the skin surface, i.e. chemical peels, salicylates and other acids, or dibenzoyl peroxide....

What does lactoperoxidase give to the skin? It breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen using laser energy:
H2O (significantly hydrates)
O2 (oxygenates and balances the so-called oxygen debt of the skin)
CO2 (deep cleanses without risk of mechanical damage to the skin)

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